Ruth's Cottage Patticake House

Domestic Violence Prevention Program  and Emergency Shelter
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Child Advocacy Center
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For help in a domestic violence crisis:
229.388.1541 for local 24/7 Crisis Hotline
please call 911 in emergencies.

For help in a sexual assault situation:


229.388.1541 for local 24/7 Crisit Hotline

Please call 911 in emergencies

To make a confidential child abuse report
please call 911 in emergencies


  Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training:  Darkness to Light Stewards of Children
 Training:  This training will teach you, as an adult, how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.  This training can be brought to YOU so let us know if you would like us to come out and conduct one on site.  Continuing Education Credits are also available for Counselors, Social Workers, Child Care Providers, and Law Enforcement.  (2 hour training)

 Teen Dating Violence Presentation:  Healthy relationships for teens and young adults.

•  Emergency Domestic Violence Shelter Services Presentation:  For women, men, and children.

• Sexual Assault Advocacy Program Presentation:  For general population, college students, and high school students.

  Services of Ruth's Cottage and/or The Patticake House Presentation:  Information on our services, education, statistics, needs, and volunteer opportunities for any audience.

•  Volunteer Orientation:  For all ages and any size audience.  One-hour overview of RCPCH and volunteer oportunities available.  We will also come to you to present this orientation.

 Don't "Weight", Go Ahead and Tell Presentation:  Designed for children ages K-9th grades (with skits adapted to age group) that urges them to go ahead and tell if someone touches them, does something in an inappropriate manner, or physically hurts them in some way.  Children will be given the ability and confidence to report abuse.

Call our Administrative Office at 387-9697 for more information or to request one of the above presentations to be presented at your work, church, school, etc.




Personal Safety Presentation

Facilitators – Melissa Wood and Wesley Chambless of The Patticake House
Presentation for children and youth teaching child safety and advocacy. This program empowers children to report abuse. May be scaled to fit the age of the audience. No charge.

For more information and to schedule a presentation, call The Patticake House at 229-382-4141

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Ruth's Cottage and the Patticake House

Vision Statement
To provide safety and comprehensive support to all victims of family violence and to promote activities that work toward the elimination of violence toward men, women and children.

Mission Statement
To end domestic and sexual violence, as well as child sexual and physical abuse through a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to investigations, advocacy, and support, while working in the community to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.