Our Board of Directors hold fiduciary responsibility for the Tifton Judicial Circuit Shelter, Inc., DBA Ruth's Cottage and The Patticake House. Their service as volunteers is critical to the sustainability of the organzation and its services as they are responsible for ensuring financial stability and a high standard of service delivery in its programs through policies and procedures which reflect best practices.

RCPCH board members serve three year terms and are required to serve on at least one standing committee. They pledge to support the organization financially and with their time and talents. Board members represent all the service area of the organization and by-laws mandate at least one law enforcement representative and one judicial system representative. Care is taken to target new board members for diversity and broad community reach and resource level.

The board of RCPCH meets at a minimum of five times per year and board training is a component built into each board meeting. New board members attend a "boot camp" designed to prepare them for the responsibility they undertake and to give them the understanding they need to make informed and sound decisions for the organization. 

The Board Development Committee is tasked with recruitment of new board members. If you would like to be considered for board membership, please contact our Board Development Chair or Executive Director. A prospective board member document will be provided to you and reviewed by the committee. New board membes are voted in at the September meeting each year.

Below are the 2016 RCPCH Board of Directors.

Board Development Committee
Outreach and Fund Development Committee
Personnel Committee
Outreach and Fund Development Committee
Outreach and Fund Development Committee
Board Development Committee
Finance Committee
Personnel Committee/Pediatric SANE Committee/Chamnpions of Hope Sporting Clays Commmittee
Strategic Planning Committee/Pediatric SANE Project Committee/Building Committee
Board Development Committee
Personnel Committee, Champions of Hope Sporting Clays Committee
Strategic Planning Committee/Building Committee/Suitcases for Kids Project Committee
Personnel Committee/Strategic Planning Committee
Personnel Committee Chair/Finance Committee/Civil Rights Representative/Pediatric SANE Project Committee Chair
Past President/Board Development Committee Chair/Building Committee/Champions of Hope Sporting Clays Committee
Secretary/Finance Committee/Suitcases for Kids Project Committee
Treasurer/Finance Committe Chair/Building Committee
President/Executive Committee Chair

Board Calendar

RCPCH board meetings are open to the public. If you would like to attend a board meeting, we do ask that you let us know in advance so that we may be prepared. All board meetings are held at the RCPCH Administrative Office. Call 387.9697 for more information.


Board of Directors and Executive Committee - 2017 Meeting Calendar

Thursday, February 23 Executive Committee 4:30 Board Training – Presentation of Audit Board of Directors 5:30 Tom Carmichael of CRI Thursday,

March 30 Executive Committee 4:30 Annual Business Meeting Board of Directors 5:30

Thursday, April 27 Executive Committee 4:00

Thursday, May 25 Executive Committee 4:30 Budget Approval Board of Directors 5:30 Board Training – The Patticake House

Thursday, June 22 Executive Committee 4:00

There will be no meetings of any kind in July. Enjoy some holiday time!

Tuesday, August 29 Executive Committee 4:00

Thursday, September 28 Executive Committee 4:30 Annual Electoral Meeting and Board of Directors 5:30 Board Training – Sexual Assault Advocacy

Thursday, October 19 Executive Committee 4:00

Thursday, November 30 Executive Committee 4:30 Board Training – Ruth’s Cottage Shelter Board of Directors 5:30

Note: The President may call for an Executive Committee Meeting at any time and may do so during those months when no scheduled meeting exists.


On Tuesday, December 12 at Noon we will have our

Annual Christmas Board and Staff Luncheon

Springhill Country Club

For help in a domestic violence crisis:
CALL 1.800.33.HAVEN - (800.334.2836) or the Local 24/7 Hotline at 229.388.1541
Please call 911 in emergency situations  RuthsCottagePatticakeHouseLogo
To make a confidential child abuse report CALL 1.855.422.4453